6 bedrooms 3 bathrooms on one acre in Nampa, Idaho

We got to know Ed Byington through his daughter who lived in our apartment complex.  We were a tough project.  We had six kids all under the age of ten.  Two girls and four boys, making this the family “from hell” for a REALTOR.  We were super picky.  I bet Ed Byington showed us over 50 properties frm Caldwell, Idaho to Melba, Idaho.  It had to be 5 bedrooms 3 bathrooms atleast one-have acre within 30 minutes to work for Terry, oh and under $150k.  Ed would email me properties and we would drive by and thumbs up or thumbs down then we would go inside.

Then one day after 12 month, Ed calls and told us we had to move quickly.  Terry met us during his lunch break.  We wrote an offer that evening.  The rest is history.

Putting up with us was the test of patience.  It paid off; newly remodeled 6 bedrooms 3 full bathroom next to the school, on one acre and fifteen minutes from Terry’s work.  Perfect!

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Terry and Tina Grossman

Duplex investment property in Caldwell, Idaho

We sold our farm several years ago.  At first we had our savings in the stock market and mutual funds..  We got tired of watching it dwindle away.  We heard good things from friends about Ed Byington.  He took the time to educate us on investment real estate.  Over three years Ed Byington helped us find and purchase 3 duplexes nd 3 single family homes.  Since then we have watched our account grow.  PLUS we receive an average of $5,000 per month income.  We can see it, touch it and know its there.  We own properties in Nampa, Idaho and Caldwell, Idaho.

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Fred and Lela Moore

10 space Country Moble Home Park in Nampa, Idaho 

Thank you Ed Byington for finding us this money-making cash cow. He is a seasoned investment real estate broker.

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Canyon Investors

Duplex investment property in Nampa, Idaho

Ed Byington showed us how we could by a home and finance it FHA live in one unit and rent out the other unit to make our house payment.  SMART!!  Every one should talk to Ed Byington and buy a SMART!! investment property for their first home.

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Charles and Megan Jones

4 bedroom 3 bathroom, heated shop, 10-stall horse barn and 40 acres in Emmett, Idaho

We could live anywhere in the country.  We come from the midwest   We chose Ed Byington from the the internet.  We wanted a serious horse property within one hour of the Boise, Idaho airport.  We wanted a view from a newer home.  I spent one whole day in the car of Ed Byington wwhere he drove me around the whole area.  He knew his inventory, very informative.  After spending another six months Ed got us this great property $100k below list price.  It took a lot of negotiations.  If you want a serious horse property we recommend you give Ed Byington a look.

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Chad and Rosemary Jensen

4 bedrooms 2 bathrooms home in North Nampa, Idaho 

My brother and sister-in-law had great things to say about Ed Byington.  We had looked for several months before with no success.  Ed showed us a home within a week and we bought it.

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Carl and Becky Henderson

2 bedroom 1 bathroom one acre affordable home in Kuna, Idaho  We ran into Ed Byington at dinner.  We became friends.  He knew we were looking and two days later he showed us a property we could not resist.

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John and Alice Burns

3 bedroom 2 bathroom investment townhouse in Nampa, Idaho  Ed Byington found this gem.  We bought it for $71k we rent it for $700/month and if we sold it today we could turn it for $110k  Ed Byington is our hero.

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Canyon Investments

3 bedroom 2 bathroom affordable investment property in North Nampa, Idaho My husband but this house for our retirement.  Ed Byington was our agent.  Unfortunately my husband died and I needed to sell.  Thank goodness for Mr. Byington.  He helped me sell this one property as I needed cash.  We had made $51k over what we paid for it five years ago.

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Margie Johnson

4 bedroom 3 bathroom affordable home in Caldwell, Idaho  Juan was transferred and we needed to sell our home.  We knew of Ed Byingtons reputation  so we listed with him.  He helped us price it right and it sold within a month.  We can’t say enough good about Ed Byington.

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Juan and Rita Barrelez