Homes for Sale in Canyon County

Homes for sale in Canyon countyHomes for Sale in Canyon County

Canyon County, the second-most populous county in Idaho, is located ten miles west of Boise, Idaho. The population was 188,923 as of the 2010 census.  The county seat is Caldwell, and its largest city is Nampa. Homes for sale in Canyon County.

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Hudson’s Bay Company established Fort Boise in 1834 near what is now Parma, but abandoned it in 1855. Migrants traveled through Canyon County on the Oregon Trail. The Oregon Short Line Railroad, which runs through middle of the county, was completed in 1883.

The county was established on March 7, 1891, with its county seat at Caldwell. Partitioned from Ada County, Payette County was spun-off in 1917, and the southern portion of Gem County, in 1918 . Some sources attribute the name to the canyon of the Boise River near Caldwell, while western writers John Rees and Vardis Fisher believed it was named for the Snake River canyon, which forms a natural boundary with Owyhee County to the south and west.


The county has a total area of 604 square miles, of which  16 square miles (2.7%) is water, the rest is land.

The Adjacent Counties of Canyon, Idaho include Payette County on the north, Gem County on the northeast, Ada County on the east, Owhyee County on the southwest and the state of Oregon on the west.

Canyon County consists of eight incorporated cities:

Caldwell, Idaho the county seat, a city of approximately 55,000 people.  Caldwell, Idaho is a mixture of business/retail supported largely by the agriculture industry that surrounds the city.  Homes for sale in Canyon County. Caldwell is home to the Canyon County Fair.  Simplot potato processing plant is also located in Caldwell.   The first McDonalds French fries were produced here. Homes for sale in Canyon County.

Caldwell is host to College of Idaho (the oldest private four-year college in Idaho) and Treasure Valley Community College (TVCC). Two public high schools and one academy are in Caldwell. The University of Idaho has a satellite campus in Caldwell.


Nampa, Idaho the largest city in Canyon County and second largest city in the state of Idaho is located here.  Build around the railroad industry, Nampa, Idaho was found by the Oregon Short Line, toady the Union Pacific Railroad.  Canyon County grows vast quantities of produce, grain, livestock, seed, and farm products.  Nampa is the railroad hub for shipping these items to the rest of the world.

Amalgamated Sugar Company has the world’s largest sugar beet factory.   Other industries including, electronics, computer components, mobile homes RV’s, garden seeds, onion rings, and apple sauce have facilities in Nampa.

Nampa is blessed with many education opportunities.  Northwest Nazarene University (a private four-year university) and College of Western Idaho (the largest community college in Idaho) are headquartered in Nampa, Idaho; not to mention two public high schools and one public high schools.

Nampa also offers a wide range of charter schools including one for the performing arts, and satellite campus for Boise State University.


Greenleaf, Idaho is a prosperous community five miles west of Caldwell.  Very much rural based economy. Greenleaf, Idaho has many HORSE PROPERTIES FOR SALE.

Wilder, Idaho located eight miles west of Greenleaf likewise flourishes on the rich farming industry of Canyon County, Idaho.  Wilder, Idaho has cultivated a large production of hops and grapes. Homes for sale in Canyon County Hops are an ingredient needed for beer and grapes for wine.  Most famously, Ste Chapelle Winery is part of the Wilder, Idaho landscape. Wilder, , Idaho has many HORSE PROPERTIES FOR SALE.

Notus, Idaho a thriving farm community north and west of Caldwell is known for its production of cattle. Notus, , Idaho has many HORSE PROPERTIES FOR SALE.

Parma, Idaho just past Notus, is the fourth most populated city in Canyon, County, Idaho. Located on the Oregon Trail near the confluence of the Boise River and the Snake River.  The was the original site of Fort Boise.  Early settlers would pass by here on their way to the Pacific Ocean. Homes for sale in Canyon County.

Besides tourists, Parma, Idaho is rich in agriculture production. Onions, dry beans, beef, poultry, sugar beets, mint, seeds of every kind are produced here and shipped throughout the world.  The grain produced here is shipped by truck and train to the ports on the Columbia River and taken on barges to other parts of the world. Parma,  Idaho has many HORSE PROPERTIES FOR SALE.

Middleton, Idaho, the third most populated city in Canyon County, Idaho, located ten miles north east of Caldwell, Idaho and eight mile north of Nampa, Idaho, on the Boise River.  Many of the residents there commute to the bigger cities to work, but enjoy living the country lifestyle.  Middleton, , Idaho has many HORSE PROPERTIES FOR SALE.

Middleton is home to Rule Steel.  Rule Steel builds steel tanks, some of which have been erected all over the world.

Melba, Idaho sits overlooking the Snake River twelve miles due south of Nampa, Idaho.  This is clearly the most peaceful corner of Canyon County, Idaho.  Homes for sale in Canyon County. Like it sister communities, Melba, Idaho is rich with farms and ranches.  Dairy farms, cattle ranches, acres and acres of wheat, barley, mint, sugar beets, hay, and seeds of every kind.  Melba is known as the “Seed Capital” of the world.

Melba, Idaho has many HORSE PROPERTIES FOR SALE.

Besides the incorporated cities, there are four communities; Bowmont located between Nampa and Melba, Huston between Nampa and Wilder, Riverside just south of Huston and Roswell south of Parma.

There are two notable National Landmarks

Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge  A federal sanctuary for migratory birds located west of Nampa and south of Caldwell.   At its center is large reservoir created by federal money to provide hundreds of miles of irrigation canals to take water much of Canyon County.  Hundreds of thousands of migratory birds like Canadian Geese stop from Canada on their way to Mexico.


Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area  With the endangerment of birds of prey, the Federal Government set this area aside to provide protection for these birds.  Birds like eagles, osprey, falcon, hawks and condors have a place among the cliffs overlooking the Snake River canyon to nest and raise their young without man and his motorized vehicle to bother them.  The only access is on foot or horseback.

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