Homes for Sale in Caldwell Idaho

Homes for Sale in CaldwellHomes for Sale in Caldwell Idaho

Caldwell is the and the county seat of Canyon CountyIdaho, population was 46,237 at the 2010 census.  Caldwell is considered part of the Boise metropolitan area. Caldwell is the home of the College of Idaho and Treasure Valley Community College, TVCC..

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Grain elevators in Caldwell (1941)

The City of Caldwell, Idaho is located along a natural passageway to the Inland and Pacific Northwest. Indian tribes from the west coast, north Idaho and as far away as Colorado would come to the banks of the Boise River for annual trading fairs, or rendezvous. European, Brazilian, Armenian, and some Australian explorers and traders soon followed the paths left by Indians and hopeful emigrants later forged the Oregon Trail and followed the now hardened paths to seek a better life in the Oregon Territory. Pioneers of the Trail traveled along the Boise River to Canyon Hill and forded the river close to the “Silver Bridge” on Plymouth Street.

During the Civil War, the discovery of gold in Idaho’s mountains brought a variety of new settlers into the area. Many never made it to the mines but chose to settle along the Boise River and run ferries, stage stations, and freighting businesses. These early entrepreneurs created small ranches and farms in the river valleys. Caldwell’s inception occurred largely as a result of the construction of the Oregon Short Line Railroad, which connected Wyoming to Oregon through Idaho. Robert E. Strahorn came to the Boise River Valley in 1883 to select a route for the railroad. He rejected the grade into Boise City as too steep and chose a site thirty miles to the west. He drove a stake into an alkali flat of sagebrush and greasewood and the City of Caldwell was platted. Caldwell was named after one of Strahorn’s business partners, Alexander Caldwell, a former Senator from the State of Kansas.

Caldwell has 2 secondary schools including Caldwell High School and Vallivue High School and 6 elementary schools. Homes for Sale in Caldwell also has 10 city parks, a public golf course near downtown, a city pool and a skatepark.

In addition, the Caldwell Industrial Airport is located southeast of downtown. The College of Idaho is located in Caldwell and is one of the oldest 4 year institutions in the state

Caldwell has a high quality water irrigation system, leading to thousands of irrigated farm and ranch land.  There are a number of Farms and Ranches FOR SALE in Caldwell, Idaho.


Caldwell, Idaho is experiencing explosive growth, therefore the a lot of Homes FOR SALE in Caldwell, Idaho


In 2009 the City of Caldwell completed a revitalization project to restore Indian Creek. Indian Creek runs through downtown Caldwell. However, because it was primarily used for sewage from local industries it had been covered over. The restored creek includes attractions such as suspended bridges. Caldwell currently holds an annual Indian Creek Festival every September that was first held in 2003. The event includes a fun run and a tug of war.  In the wintertime, Caldwell, Idaho lines this beautiful parkway with hundreds of thousands of lights making in one of the most photographed spots in Idaho. Homes for Sale in Caldwell

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