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Terry and Tina Grossman

6 bedrooms 3 bathrooms on one acre in Nampa, Idaho We got to know Ed Byington through his daughter who lived in our apartment complex.  We were a tough project.  We had six kids all under the age of ten.  Two girls and four boys, making this the family "from hell" for a REALTOR.  We were super picky.  I bet Ed Byington showed us over 50 properties frm Caldwell, Idaho to Melba, Idaho.  It had to be 5 bedrooms 3 bathrooms atleast one-have acre within 30 minutes to work for Terry, oh and under $150k.  Ed would email me properties and we would drive by and thumbs up or thumbs down then we would go inside. Then one day after 12 month, Ed calls and told us we had to move quickly.  Terry met us during his lunch break.  We wrote an offer that evening.  The rest is history. Putting up with us was the test of patience.  It paid off; newly remodeled 6 bedrooms 3 full bathroom next to the school, on one acre and fifteen minutes from Terry's work.  Perfect!

Fred and Lela Moore

Duplex investment property in Caldwell, Idaho We sold our farm several years ago.  At first we had our savings in the stock market and mutual funds..  We got tired of watching it dwindle away.  We heard good things from friends about Ed Byington.  He took the time to educate us on investment real estate.  Over three years Ed Byington helped us find and purchase 3 duplexes nd 3 single family homes.  Since then we have watched our account grow.  PLUS we receive an average of $5,000 per month income.  We can see it, touch it and know its there.  We own properties in Nampa, Idaho and Caldwell, Idaho.

Canyon Investors

10 space Country Moble Home Park in Nampa, Idaho  Thank you Ed Byington for finding us this money-making cash cow. He is a seasoned investment real estate broker.

Charles and Megan Jones

Duplex investment property in Nampa, Idaho Ed Byington showed us how we could by a home and finance it FHA live in one unit and rent out the other unit to make our house payment.  SMART!!  Every one should talk to Ed Byington and buy a SMART!! investment property for their first home.

Chad and Rosemary Jensen

4 bedroom 3 bathroom, heated shop, 10-stall horse barn and 40 acres in Emmett, Idaho We could live anywhere in the country.  We come from the midwest   We chose Ed Byington from the the internet.  We wanted a serious horse property within one hour of the Boise, Idaho airport.  We wanted a view from a newer home.  I spent one whole day in the car of Ed Byington wwhere he drove me around the whole area.  He knew his inventory, very informative.  After spending another six months Ed got us this great property $100k below list price.  It took a lot of negotiations.  If you want a serious horse property we recommend you give Ed Byington a look.

Carl and Becky Henderson

4 bedrooms 2 bathrooms home in North Nampa, Idaho  My brother and sister-in-law had great things to say about Ed Byington.  We had looked for several months before with no success.  Ed showed us a home within a week and we bought it.

John and Alice Burns

2 bedroom 1 bathroom one acre affordable home in Kuna, Idaho  We ran into Ed Byington at dinner.  We became friends.  He knew we were looking and two days later he showed us a property we could not resist.

Canyon Investments

3 bedroom 2 bathroom investment townhouse in Nampa, Idaho  Ed Byington found this gem.  We bought it for $71k we rent it for $700/month and if we sold it today we could turn it for $110k  Ed Byington is our hero.

Margie Johnson

3 bedroom 2 bathroom affordable investment property in North Nampa, Idaho My husband but this house for our retirement.  Ed Byington was our agent.  Unfortunately my husband died and I needed to sell.  Thank goodness for Mr. Byington.  He helped me sell this one property as I needed cash.  We had made $51k over what we paid for it five years ago.

Juan and Rita Barrelez

4 bedroom 3 bathroom affordable home in Caldwell, Idaho  Juan was transferred and we needed to sell our home.  We knew of Ed Byingtons reputation  so we listed with him.  He helped us price it right and it sold within a month.  We can't say enough good about Ed Byington.

Judy and Gary Bastian

3 bedroom 2 bathroom affordable home in North Nampa, Idaho  We live in California, but out daughter lives in Nampa, Idaho.  My sister lives there also referred us to Ed Byington.  From the beginning Ed Byington informed us even in California.  We had limited time when we came to visit.  Ed had things organized so we found what we wanted in the first vsit. Ed Byington is an experienced investment real estate pro who knows his stuff.

Roger and Karen Baney

4 bedroom 3 bathroom one acre Nampa, Idaho  Woohoo!  We moved from California to be with family .  We ended up with a huge house, huge backyard, shop in the country for less than $90k.  This was all because of our buyers broker Ed Byington

Canyon Investors

16 unit Apartment Complex in Caldwell, Idaho  From the beginning Ed Byington analyzed this investment real estate and showed us how it would work.  He was a pit bull in getting us the best price and terms.  Ed Byington makes us money bottom-line.

Kent and Jan Bailey

4 bedroom 3 bathroom affordable home in 55+ senior community in Nampa, Idaho   Ed Byington sold our big home with yard and upkeep.  Before it closed he found us this home in the community we wanted.  We were able to closed on both the same day.

Meradeth Gibbs

4 bedroom 3 bathroom affordable home in North Nampa, Idaho  I am a single working girl and a friend convinced me to talk to Ed Byington and I am glad I did.  He introduced me to a mortgage lender, found me this wonderful home for less than I was paying in rent.  I am looking to get married soon so it will serve our family for a long time.

Raymond Glenn

4 bedroom 3 bathroom affordable home Nampa, Idaho  My father had used Ed Byington many times before.  So when I asked him to fime me, a single man, a house I was blown away.  He found me a home and got me a good deal.  I rented the rooms out to my friends that made my house payment.  They were literally buying my home.  And this was all Ed Byington's idea.  Who does that?

Ben’s Electric

Industrial shop and staging yard in Nampa, Idaho  Our business had grown beyond our walls.  There was nowhere to park our vans and service vehicles.  We needed to sell our shop , find a replacement and then make the transition.  Ed Byington made it a reality.  He rolled up his sleeves and worked until it was all done.  Ed Byington is an experienced commercial real estate broker who got things done.

Bill and Sherri Ashley

4 bedroom 3 bathroom luxury home in Colter Bay, North Nampa, Idaho  When we took this new job in Idaho, we didn't know what to expect.  We found the best agent online Ed Byington who found us the perfect home.  It is huge, in a quality neighborhood, and lots of yard.  We have miles of walking paths, open space and great neighbors.  Colter Bay Subdivision is the BEST!

Joani and Bob Gilbert

3 bedroom 2 bathroom affordable 55+ neighborhood in Nampa, Idaho  We sold our home of 30 years and wanted to move into the community with so many of our friends.  Ed Byington is a real estate agent we knew to be full of integrity, honesty, and mature.  He found this home with two days.  We recommend Ed Byington.

Michael and Ashley Atteberry

3 bedroom 2 bathroom affordable home in Boise, Idaho  We needed our home sold.  We found Ed Byington on the web and were impressed.  We had it sold within six weeks.  We were completely satisfied.

Jason and Kelli Carter

3 bedroom 2 bathroom affordable home in Nampa, Idaho  Our dream came true.  We dreamt of owning our own home ever since we got married two years ago.  Until we met Ed Byington we had lost hope.  He introduced us to a lender who got us approved.  Six weeks later we had our new home.  Nampa, Idaho is a great community to live in.

Brett Bailey

Auto repair shop in Nampa, Idaho  When I needed to sell my commercial investment property in Nampa, Idaho.  I called my commercial real estate broker, Ed Byington.  We enterained several interested parties.  It was good that I had Mr. Byington to work through them.  He knew what to do.  His creativity with finances got the buyer qualified and the transaction completed.

Ben and Lisa Baird

4 bedroom 3 bathroom home in Meridian, Idaho  We needed to sell our home and were impressed with Ed Byington so we listed our home with him.  He had it under contract within days.His professional manners were like my grandfather.  We recommend him in Boise, Idaho


Commercial Hard Corner 3 bedroom 2 bathroom in Nampa, Idaho  We needed a location in Nampa, Idaho.  So Ed Byington a commercial real estate broker and friend of my father was hired to find us what we were looking for.  He made it happen and we are happy.

Jenny and Bruce Bird

3 bedroom 2 bathroom home in south Boise, Idaho  My husband and I wanted to buy a house.  My grandfather introduced us to Ed Byington who found us a house within a week.  He helped us to get financing.  It was a great experience.

Jacquie York

3 bedroom 3 bathroom luxury home in Colter bay North Nampa, Idaho I moved to Nampa, Idaho to be by my son, his wife and grandchildrn.  He recommended Ed Byington who recommended this wonderful home in this classy neighborhood.  I am happy and thankful for Ed B

Robert and Nadine Yates

4 bedroom 3 bathroom one-quarter acre home in Colter Bay, North Nampa, Idaho.  Our family had out grown our little home so we began looking.  We learned about Ed Byington while searching on the internet.  He found us this marvelous home the same day.  Each of our children have their own room, I have a place for my beauty salon, and my husband can go to work easily.

Steven and Gina Adams

3 bedroom 2 bathroom investment property in Nampa, Idaho Ed Byington managed several of our investment properties in southwest Idaho.  This is one that needed to be sold.  Ed Byington arrange a sale with the tenants.  They were happy, we were happy.

Doug and Susan Young

4 bedroom 3 bathroom home in North Nampa, Idaho  Our daughter and her husband live in Nampa, Idaho, we live in Canada.  We wanted to purchase a home for them to live in.  They knew Ed Byington and got us in touch.  He was very informative, professional and effective.  He found us the perfect home within days.  Mr. Byington was mature and experienced.  He worked with us to get the investment property bought and do so across the border.  We do not understand U. S. laws and Ed Byington did, so we felt safe.

Blaine and Julie Vaughn

4 bedroom 3 bathroom 2400 sf home in Colter Bay North Nampa, Idaho We moved into Boise, Idaho to take a job.  We found Ed Byington on the web.  We were shocked at how expensive homes in Ada County were.  Ed found us a beautiful home 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, one-third acre in North Nampa.  Our kids love their schools and my commute is simple.

Greg Thompson

Building lot in Bridget Tower Meridian, Idaho   I needed a building lot and Ed Byington brought me a "build job" and a lot to build it on.

Helen and Jon Rupert

2 bedroom 1 bathroom affordable home in Caldwell, Idaho  My mother passed leaving me a home in Caldwell, Idaho.  So I called my friend Ed Byington to sell it.  He had it sold in two weeks.

Kelsey Burke

2 bedroom 1 bathroom historic home in Caldwell, Idaho  I had just graduated and took my first job teaching school.  I found Ed Byington on the internet.  I wanted to find a small home in town.  Mr. Byington was a complete gentleman.  He found me exactly what I was looking for.

Linda Hansen

5 bedroom 4 bathroom luxury home acreage in Nampa, Idaho.  After selling our farm, Ed Byington found this beautiful luxury home on 2 acres, complete with swimming pool and 4 car garage and landscaped yard.

Linda Hansen

400+ acre farm and 5 bedroom 4 bathroom home in Nampa, Idaho  My husband had just passed away from Cancer and I was still grieving.  Ed Byington and my husband were friends and Ed came to visit.  I was being bombarded by developers who wanted our land.  I asked Ed to help.  He was a life saver.  With complete grace he dealt with all of that.  Over a period of 18 months we conversed nearly everyday.  Thanks to Ed the sale transferred smoothly.

Craig and Jennifer Smith

4 bedroom 3 bathroom acreage in Nampa, Idaho  When Craig accepted a transfer to Nampa, Idaho for his job, we weren't sure what to expect.  We were referred to Ed Byington.  At first we looked at homes in Meridian, Idaho, as we thought we wanted to be in the heart of the city life.  Ed Byington also showed us homes in Nampa.  We are so glad he did.  We found this lovely home in the quiet country.  We can still go to the city, but retire to the peace and calm of our home in the country.

Keith and Vicki Taylor

3 bedrom 2 bathroom country home in Caldwell, Idaho  We couldn't believe it!  We wanted a house in the country on a meager budget.  He FOUND IT!  Ed Byington worked a miracle.  Thank you.

Rose Donaldson

Country building lot in Caldwell, Idaho.  After my husband past away in Idaho Falls, Idaho I decided to move to Nampa, Idaho to live near my son.  I found Ed Byington online.  He quickly went to work.  We looked at many exhisting homes, but just never found what I wanted.  Then we shifted to find a place to build on.  Ed Byington continued to advise me on the building process.  I am happy on the country lot in Caldwell, Idaho.

Richard Daniels

14 acres of investment property in Caldwell, Idaho Ed Byington found this investment property for me.  Ed Byington is a seasoned real estate professional. He went on to develope it into several view lots.

Alice Peterson

3 bedroom 2 bathrom home in Goldcrest 55 and older community Nampa, Idaho.  My daughter bought one of these homes.  So I bought the one next door from her.  Ed Byington helped me.  He was very kind.

Stella Peterson

3 bedroom 2 bathrom new home in Nampa, Idaho.  After helping me with the sale of my other two homes, Ed Byington found and helped me find a home on one-level in West Nampa, Idaho.  It was in a 55+ senior community called Goldcrest.  It love it here so much, my mother is buying the home next door.  Did I mention Ed Byington knows new construction, as my buyers agent, he kept up with construction project and assisted in the design.  I am glad I didn't have some agent fresh out of real estate school.

Stella Peterson

3 bedroom 1 bathroom home in North Nampa, Idaho.  My mother-in-law died 3 years after my husband, leaving me with her place next door.  I was left to settle her estate plus deal with my own home.  My financial councilor strongly recommended Ed Byington.  Mr. Byington was a God-send". He helped me through probate and bundle the two properties.  A real estate investor purchased them for a premium price.  Ed Byington represented me well.  He looked out for me.

Stella Peterson

3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms 1 acre in Nampa Idaho.  When my husband passed away, I hung on at the home place for as long as I could, 4 years.  It became too much for me.  A good frirnd of mine recommended Ed Byington.  He was mature, something I needed.  He was a big help in guiding me through the sale and into a new home in a neighborhood for people over 55.  It was the best move I made.

Guy and Michelle River

4 bedrooms 3 bathrooms 1900 s/f Nampa, Idaho close to the freeway on ramp.  Michelle and I both commute to Boise, Idaho to work.  So we really needed to be as close to the freeway as possible.  With teenage kids and a limited budget we were skeptical.  We found Ed Byington online.  We looked at everything in Merian, Idaho, Kuna, Idaho was just too far out not to mention we questioned the schools.  When Ed Byington proposed a home in Nampa, Idaho we were resistant, but went along.  We fell in love.  It had 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a huge family room in a very quiet neighborhood with mature trees near shopping and entertainment.  PLUS the Vallivue School district where our kids fit right in.  We are so glad Ed Byington opened our eyes.  Actually we are closer to work than Kuna, Idaho

Chad and Terri Guevera

4 bedroom 2 bathroom in Caldwell Idaho  After we got married we started looking for a bigger home.  I had two kids and he had two, we needed 4 bedrooms.  Our agent, Ed Byington found us a wonderful home within our budget, in the school district we needed all within two days. Ed Byington lead us through the process making it a fun experience of buying our first home together.

Todd George

2.13 acres investment property in Caldwell, Idaho.  Ed Byington found the investment property in Caldwell, Idaho.  We were able to subdivide it and put homes on it for income. We thank you Ed Byington

Todd George

Investment property in Nampa, Idaho.  Ed byington found this lot for me and I put a house on it and sold it for a wonderful profit.  Thank you Ed Byington

Bert and Gladace Hunt

4 bedroom 3 bathroom home in East Boise, Idaho  Bert and I had been looking for sometime for a home in this part of Boise, Idaho.  It is a stately home that backs to a park.  We couldn't be happier.  Our agent Ed Byington helped us negotiate a wonderful price and terms, besides finding this beautiful home for us.

Darrell Rhondes

3 bedroom 1 bathroom investment property in Notus, Idaho.  Another grat deal for only $24,000.  The home we rent out fo $450/month on .25 acres in Notus, Idaho  Ed Byington investment real estate thank you, again.

Darrell Rhoades

3 bedroom 2 bathroom investment property in Nampa, Idaho.  I am so glad Ed Byington showed me this one.  It was clean, easy to maintain, and brings in high rents.  Ed Byington is an experienced investment real estate expert.

Darrell Rhoades

3 bedroom 2 bathroom home in Caldwell, Idaho.  This is the fourth rental I have had Ed Byington sell for me. He knows his "stuff".

Mindy Reno

I found a listing, 3 bedroom 2 bathroom home in Caldwell, Idaho,  online that I wanted to see.  I clicked on the agent and met Ed Byington   He was very kind, helpful and professional.

Isaac and Rebecca Levenson

Apartment Building in Caldwell, Idaho We had hired Ed Byington's property management company to manage our apartments in Caldwell, Idaho.  They did a superb job. When it came time to sell them Ed Byington was our first choice.  He is an experienced mature investment property specialist.  Most importantly he is honest, loyal and full of integrity.  We recommend Ed Byington to any of our real estatement friends.

Liz and Ted Bently

5 bedroom 4 bathroom luxury home 31 acres Wilder, Idaho We had listed our home with another recommended broker who did not show it once in a year and did nothing to promote it, that we could see.  I met Ed Byington at an open house and grew interested.  He had sold million dollar properties in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, was mature, seasoned and down to earth. So we listed with him.  He brought in a photographer, staging experts, and made a 4-color brochure and video to die for.  He held open houses co-sponsored by a local winery.  It was high class.  He knew how to promote luxury homes. It was that kind of experience that attracted the out-area buyer.  We strongly recommend Ed Byington for luxury homes and horse properties.

Treasure Valley Auto Repair

Commercial Building in Nampa, Idaho Our company wanted a location in Nampa, Idaho so we employed the services of Ed Byington.  We had done our homework and knew as a native to area, had many commercial deals to his credit and was known for his honesty and integrity. Ed showed us several sites, but we kept coming back to one.  It was located in a development belonging to $Billion developer out of Ohio.  Ed hung in there and negotiated a price $100,000 less than asking price, got us through all their red tape, got us approved with the city, dealt with a nasty engineering problem and got it closed.  He showed more loyalty and expertise as any other broker we have worked with.  Certainly he is qualified to handle any commercial/industrial project you throw at him.  Plus he communicates.  Our complaint with other brokers was that hey would NOT communicate.  Ed Byington kept us informed nearly every day even weekends.

Ken and Dee Carson

4 bedroom 3 Bathroom new construction home in Caldwell, Idaho Ed Byington had sold our home before when the bubble burst and we had to sell.  Now that we had our credit cleared we contacted Mr. Byington.  He introduced us to a builder who builds several home a year.  Mr. Byington was our buyers agent and kept us out of trouble.  He was by our side every step of the way from designing the plans to selecting the site to closing on the loan.  He really earned his keep.  Our kids think he is their grandpa, a member of our family.

Rui and Cathrine David

4 bedroom 3 bathroom home Caldwell, Idaho My wife and I owned an investment property in Caldwell, Idaho managed by Ed Byington.  It was time to liquidate it.  Ed worked it out with the tenants so they bought the house and we sold it.  Ed Byington is a resourceful investment real estate broker.  We recommend him.

Nathan and Priscilla Ross

3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms affordable home in Nampa, Idaho Our credit stunk.  We had medical issues and in and out of jobs.  No way could get a home. Well we knew Ed Byington from church.  He introduced us to a lender who worked on our credit, got us loan and now we have our own home. WOW!  It's a miracle.

Joseph and Mary Ann Warner

4 bedroom 2 bathroom starter home in Nampa, Idaho Joe and I own several investment properties and we needed to sell one.  Our friend Ed Byington is an expert investment real estate broker who consulted with us on how to price it and stage it for top dollar.  We accepted an offer for asking price.

Justin and Melanie Cameron

2 bedroom 1 bathroom home in historic district Nampa, Idaho We love historic homes.  We had been renting and saving long enough.  So we called my cousin Ed Byington who showed us three different ones.  The first one I fell in love with, but my husband not so much.  It had high ceilings and big windows and baseboard heat.  Ed cautioned on that.  Ed was resourceful enough to turn the heat up, record the kw/h for a day and then calculate the cost.  It was over $600 per month.  I am so glad my husband and Ed talked me back "off that ledge" Ed Byington was my hero.  The second home perked me up.  The house reminded me of my grandma Pearl's house.  Hardwood floors, painted cabinets in the kitchen, fireplace in the living room and a full basement.  It had full workshop in the detached garage for my husband and a garden spot.  We were home.

Caleb and Bethany Campbell

3 bedroom 1 bathroom 15 acres barns horse property Meridian, Idaho My wife  trains horses and I buy and sell horses.  However we both work in town to provide income.  We were renting a place and getting no where. Ed Byington heard our story and put us on to this place.  It was perfect but how could we afford it?  We are so glad Ed was our buyers agent, because he got the price down $35,000 and introduced us to a lender who found us a loan. Now Ed Byington is working for us to get it subdivide into lots we can sell and buy a bigger place.

Doug Mc Kay

4 acre industrial property in North Nampa, Idaho My company needed a lot to park our equipment on and build a shop. I heard about Ed Byington from a friend.  Mr. Byington found us this 4 acres and got the price down $50,000.  The seller did not have it zoned properly.  Ed went ahead and ran it through the county P&Z and cleared with the highway department for us to access the highway.  We would have never known all of that.  Ed Byington saves us a lot of money and made our lives easier.

Keith and Ann Baron

5 bedroom 4 bathroom office, 3 acres luxury home in North Nampa, Idaho We had thought about selling our home for sometime.  I had a heart attach and did not need all the work to keep up the place.  So we called our long time friend Ed Byington to list our home.  He went to work and brought in a photographer, put our home online, stagged it, put it in MLS and handled all of the showings.  He sold it and got our asking price.  We own a number of investment properties that Ed Byington consults with us on.

Earnest and Angie Bishop

4 bedroom 3 bathroom luxury home in Boise, Idaho We had driven past this home several times.  We called the agent on the sign, Ed Byington.  He responded quickly got us the information about yhe house and arranged a show right away.  He was very informative and courteous to work with.  We  recommend him to our friends now.

Phil and Geralee Timins

4 bedroom and 3 bathroom home Meridian, Idaho My husband was transferred to Boise, Idaho  I found Ed Byington online.  He went to work and found us a great home.  His communications were impeccable.  We knew about everything.  When we flew in to look at home it was so smooth.  We got an offer accepted before we left.  We love our home.

Cal Cook

3 bedroom 2 bathroom fixer upper Middleton, Idaho I moved from Alaska, where I was a finish carpenter.  Ed Byington found a great repo in Middleton, Idaho.  He got me better deal and I fixed it up.

Tom and Carri Lund

4 bedroom 3 bathroom new home in Caldwell, Idaho We called in on a listing that Ed Byington and we were so impressed we asked him to represent us.  We ended up engaging CBH Home in building us home in Caldwell, Idaho.  We were so glad because he caught several mistakes that would have cost us over $2,000.

Jacob and Amy Terry

6 bedroom 3 bathrooms luxury home in Colter Bay, North Nampa, Idaho We had the opportunity to move to Nampa, Idaho where my husband's brother lives.  Ed Byington by my in-laws agent showed us several home including had us ready to build a home.  After four failed attempts at securing a home, Ed Byington showed us this house.  We fell in love. After a year in this home my husband lost his job.  Ed Byington was able to sell it for slightly more than we paid for it and break even.

Jimmy and Teresa Bennett

4 bedroom 3 bathroom in Brandts Landing, North Nampa, Idaho We were transferred to another town in Idaho. We knew Ed Byington from church and hired him to list our home.  He found the buyer and had it sold in less than 30 days.  Ed Byington made the move very smooth.

Gary Wells

3 bedroom 2 bathroom home on 5 acres in Parma, Idaho The house next to my place in Parma, Idaho went into foreclosure.  So my father introduced me to Ed Byington.  Ed went to work and found out about it.  He helped me get and offer accepted.  There were a number issues that had to be cleared up inorder to get clear title.  Ed took care of that.  Very pleased with Ed Byington

Judy and Donald Janson

3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms 1.5 acres in Caldwell, Idaho My sister-in-law lived in Nampa, Idaho.  We were visiting from Arizona when we fell in love with the area.  After discussing it over, we decided to come here.  It was winter here and we were living in Mexico.  So left it to my sister-in-law to find us a home.  We wanted atleast 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms on an acre or more for around $100k.  With the help of their agent, who became our agent, they found the perfect place.  Ed Byington very perceptive and we bought the place site unseen.  We spoke nearly daily and my sister-in-law knew our taste well. Later Ed Byington listed and sold that place and helped us buy a smaller yard closer to the VA Hospital in Boise, Idaho.  We get together with Ed and his wife often to play card and BBQ.

Tim and Emma Cooper

3 bedroom 2 bathrooms acreage in North Nampa My parents had already moved from California and were getting to be of poor health.  My othe siblings were all ready living in Meridian and Eagle Idaho.  So Emma and I decided to move. We used our parents agent Ed Byington who was great.  He found us a great property only two miles from my parents.  It was a fixer upper which was what I wanted.  I have a construction business and wanted the challenge.  It turned out better than anticipated.

Leonard and Robin Merkle

We were living in Rhode Island serve a mission for our church.  We knew our tour was ending soon.  We reached out to several agents online, but only one responded, Ed Byington. He listened to me and asked questions, then listened some more.  It was like he a sixth sense.  We connected.  He knew exactly what we were looking for.  He sent us photos, videos and complete written descriptions. He then took charge, at our authorization, and negotiated a deal for a much lower price and better terms.  Yes, we bought it site unseen. When came home (a week after closing) and moved in we couldn't believe our eyes.  It was better than what we had imagined. Ed Byington was an answer to our prayers.

Mary Toone

When Ed Byington brought me an offer for a gob of cash for my home in Boise, Idaho, I nearly fell off my chair.  It seems there was a builder who wanted it worse than I.  I was even more thrilled when Ed Byington found me a bigger home, newer in Nampa, Idaho for a $1,000 left over.  I was happy to be Santa Claus for my grandchildren.

Candice Frost

I bought this home thinking it would be my last.  Well now I am going to live with my sister.  Ed Byington has taken good care of me and the sale of my home.

Jake and Emily Post

We have known Ed Byington for many years.  We knew him as an honest guy full of integrity and doing real estate forever.  This made us feel secure in our search.  He guided us through the whole process step by step. We looked at a lot of homes and considered a lot of things.  We wanted this to be a home our kids would grow up and graduate high school. We found it, but it was not acceptance at first offer.  Ed earned his keep on this one.  We were stubborn and so was the seller. We went through 4 counter-offers, but we got our house. We will be forever grateful Ed Byington's depth of experience.

Brad and Olga Love

We were on a tight budget moving from California to Idaho.  Brad was taking a job tor a technology company.  We found Ed Byington online.  He seemed to be a nice guy.  He took the time to show us the area and several homes.  The more we worked with him the more we liked him.  He had a "grandfatherly" way about him that our children fell in love with.  PLUS he knew the area so well. Ed Byington, found us a bank repo in Meridian, Idaho at a bargain price.  It was one of those sweet deals perfect for our growing family and within our budget.  Ed introduced us to a lender and 25 days later it was ours. We are so glad we found Ed Byington and refer him to every one.  It is scary moving to a new place where you know no one.  It helped to have someone like Mr. Byington.

Mira and Donald Hansen

After getting an offer under contract on our home in Marsing, Idaho we were in a panic.  We needed some place to move to.  It had to be within a mile of the hospital in Nampa, Idaho.  PLUS, it had to be on one level, lots of flat walls to display our numerous wall hangins, and backyrd/shop for Don to putter in.  Ed Byington, our agent went to work.  We looked at homes every day for five days and found the one.  Ed Byington coordinated the sale of our home in Marsing, Idaho with the purchase of the new home in Nampa, Idaho.  We closed on both houses the same day.  How did Ed do it?  The experience really paid off for us.

Mira and Donald Hansen

My husband was getting up in years and we were living on a lovely 2 acres overlooking the Snake River in Marsing, Idaho.  One night it occurred to me that if he ever injured himself, I could not lift him into a car and then it was 30 minutes to the hospital in Nampa, Idaho.  So I called our friend Ed Byington and listed our home.  It was not any easy sale.  No one couls afford what our place was worth.  Then one day an out-of-state buyer sawour place and paid full price.  Ed Byington was a hero.

Vance and Trina Turner

Our agent found us this perfect location for our business in Boise, Idaho.  Ed Byington is the best commercial real east agent in southwest Idaho.  He represented us well and took us through the process smoothly.

Paul Lord

I wanted the property next door to me in Nampa, Idaho. Ed Byington contacted the owner and negotiate the deal and made it happen.

Ted and Lila Wallace

The commercial building we owned in Boise, Idaho had to be sold.  The tenants moved out and we didn't know what to do.  We could not cover the mortgage payment so we needed a quick sale or lose the place and our equity.  So we called our friend, Ed Byington.  He helped us prince it right, get it ready to sell and found us a buyer within 60 days.  Ed Byington saved us.  He knows his stuff on commercial real estate.

Sam and Christina Long

My husband was transferred, so we needed to sell our home in Nampa, Idaho.  We had seen a lot of sign in our neighborhood so we called him.  It was Ed Byington.  He came right over and we were put at ease.  He was kind, caring and very helpful in the whole ordeal.

Wo Kim

Ed Byington came to my restaurant often.  He told me about real estate.  I have a hand crafted table from Viet Nam that has been in my family for over four generations.  It was 10 feet long.  Ed found me a home where the table woulf fit.  He would carry a measuring tape and we would measure every house we looked at to see if the table would fit.  Ed Byington really cared.

Thelma Jensen

After my husband passed away, the place just became too much for me to take care of.  Ed Byington attended the same church so I asked him for help.  He sold the place and found me a beautiful home more my size.  I tell all my friends about Ed Byington.

Cliff and Janeel Logan

Our son moved to Nampa, Idaho to work for a regional business.  We live in Oregon.  We had heard about Ed Byington and contacted him.  He was experienced with rentals and quickly aided us in finding a home we could buy for our son.  He was able to find two roommates who paid the rent.  We were very happy with the outcome.  Ed Byington was very conscentious in keeping us informed every step of the way.  He helped us buy the home for $15k under the asking price which added to the return on our investment.

Mary and Buck Jones

We wanted an investment property,  We did our homework and hired Ed Byington.  He was experienced, smart, easy to work with and did I mention he knew his stuff?  Ed Byington is the best choice for investment real estate in Idaho.

John and Cathy Little

Ed Byington has a home listed on Ustick Road, North Nampa, Idaho that caught  our eye.  We called him, he showed it to us and we bought it.  Ed Byington was very professional.

Jeremy and Laura Otto

Ed Byington sold our home in Caldwell, Idaho. Then he found us 10 acres west of Caldwell, Idaho where we built our home and live it where we live now.  The home in town was not easy to sell, but thanks to his experience it went away.

Gerry and Sue Smith

We wanted to sell our home in Kuna, Idaho.  We heard good things about Ed Byington, so we called him.  After meeting with him, we were impressed with him.  He was very professional and presented our home in a great manner.  It was under contract in 5 days and closed in 30 days.

George and Joan Henderson

WE LOVE ED BYINGTON!! Ed just helped us close on a complicated deal on our resort property in Island Park, ID.  It was 20 acres, log cabins, lodge, restaurant, general store, and launder-mat.  Ed hang by us for 19 months and found us a good buyer.  Part of the deal e took ownership of 40 acre view property in Boise, ID.  Ed helped us sell that property.

Jim and Sarah Scoffield

Sarah and I had outgrown our little home.  Afriend recomended Ed Byington.  So we called him.  He listed our home and helped us find a bigger home to make our family more comfortable.  Ed Byington is the best REALTOR.  He was a gentleman and treated our family right.

Sharon Finley

I was a single and tired of paying rent.  Ed Byington found me a wonderful home 6 years new for and now I pay less than rent for a home I will live in the rest of my life.  Ed Byington was kind and friendly to work with.

Jayson King

Ed assisted me in finding property I could invest my savings in.  The price was less than $100k.  I was able, with his help, get it subdivided into six lots and sold to double my money.  Ed Byington is very professional.

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With over 40 years (1973) experience and over $125 million sold Ed Byington offers unparalleled experience and wisdom to make your real estate transaction a true success! Whether it is purchasing your first home or your luxury home Ed Byington is there to assist. Having handled many commercial sales and leases, land acquisitions, investment property, farm and ranch purchases Ed Byington is the kind of seasoned agent you will want on your team. “Experience the difference.”

An eye for distinctive properties and distinctive opportunities are two qualities that best describe Ed Byington. Distinctive properties are those that just say, “WOW”! And distinctive opportunities are those that just, “reach out and grab you”! Ed has developed a gift for recognizing both when they arise.


An Idaho native, Ed grew up in the Treasure Valley (Boise/Nampa Metro Region); although much of his adult life has been spend in eastern Idaho and Jackson Hole, Wyoming where Ed owned a brokerage firm and achieved the distinction of being counted among the top 10% producing agents in that market place and handling some of the most distinctive properties that market had to offer. Luxury homes and small ranches were his forte.

Family is number one with Ed. His wife Megan and he have between them seven children and eleven grandchildren. Their greatest joy comes from watching them grow and accomplish. Beside family and real estate, Ed loves to fly fish and work in his garden.

A graduate of Nampa High School, Associate Degree from Ricks College and Bachelors Degree from Brigham Young University gives Ed the educational foundation needed to deal with today’s challenging world. Furthermore as a Graduate of REALTOR Institute and 1000’s of hours of workshops and continuing education provide the wisdom specific to real estate.

Husband, Father and Grandfather, 2007 REALTOR of the Year (Nampa Association of REALTORS), Past President of Nampa Association of REALTORS, 25 year member of MILLION DOLLAR Club, Mayor’s Blue Ribbon Committee (appointed), Idaho Center Advisory Commission (appointed), Urban Renewal Board (appointed) and Southwest Idaho’s Snake River Valley Wine Region Marketing Committee (volunteer) are just a few examples of how Ed has given to his family and community and honored for the same.